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Networking and Busin
Networking and Business Most practices know that business is generated through sustained networking activity. They know the nuances and benefits of networking: 1. People are attracted to others who are most like them, or to those who offer unique perspectives. 2. People do business with people they like, trust, confide in and feel comfortable around. 3. People tend to feel most comfortable with others in their age group. Typically, a range of five to seven years on either side of a person's age creates an atmosphere of compatibility. 4. People appreciate and remember when you show personal interest in them or others important in their lives (family, employees, charitable activities). 5. People who share common interests (religion, political affiliation, physical exercise, children of the same age) transcend most age barriers. Over a short span of time we have crossed 200 connections in LinkedIn and we are growing thanks to your support, we would like to have your support in the social media platform Facebook as well here is the link to the page: Do like and follow us to know our tips about business, various strategies, our products and our thoughts. We are #TeamTekza where "change is Simplified"  
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