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Automatic Soap Cutti
Automatic Soap Cutting Machine Product Description: The Soap Cutting Machine with its automatic features and strong Industrial design, is efficient in it’s task it handles. With a powerful Programmable logical controller and Human machine interface, this Equipment offers you a seamless performance. Product Design: The ASCM features a design that is Compact in nature which is capable of executing 3 forms of cutting at a single point helping in maintaining the exact design of the product as expected. Stainless steel and Aluminum would form the major base of materials used for the equipment designing keeping in mind the equipment to be rust free and the base plate would be a polished surface enabling a smooth movement of the soap cake through the cutting process. Programmable Logical Controller We would be using a Delta Make PLC which would control the whole process of the ASCM equipment. The PLC would be programmed to make it User Friendly, which would require the operator just to enter the necessary values and click the start button to start the operation. Advantages: Reduction in labors Reduced Time Reduced labor energy High precision Multiple task controlled under a single stop Human Machine Interface As the name specifies HMI forms the interfacing device between the human and the machine. We would be providing a 4.3” colored Touch screen display, maintaining a user friendly UI for the operator to perform the cutting task by entering the required parameters. Cutting Arena: Once the soap cake has entered the cutting arena, a roller is placed so that the cake is held tight while It goes through various phases: Phase 1 includes maintaining the correct height of the soap cake pushed, by incorporating a blade at the required height which is adjustable, when the soap cake is pushed through, excess height are carved out of the cake thus maintaining a standard height throughout. Phase 2 includes a standard wire string(Replaceable) as per required dimension, when the soap cake passes against this string; the cakes are cut to the required width and proceed to next in line operation. Phase 3 is where the soap cakes are cut based on the length entered on the HMI screen; the cakes which have passed through the height adjustment, width adjustment phase would next enter the length adjustment phase where they are cut to the required length using a Pneumatic cylinder mounted on top of the blade which controls the up and down movement of the blade. ASCM Feeding Mechanism The feeding mechanism consist of Servo motor assembly along with screw rod and guide rod system. Servo Motor is used in order to obtain high precision in cutting, this would be controlled via the PLC system. The screw rod would be coupled to the servo motor, thus when the servo motor rotates the screw rod would also rotate accordingly, which in turn would transfer the rotatory motion to the linear motion of the guide rod system, this helps in feeding of the soap cakes. ASCM Conveyor Mechanism The collection of the soap cakes after the cutting phase would be done here with the help of the conveyor belt attached with an induction motor. The Soap cakes will be collected from the cutting arena and will be delivered to the next point without any physical damage to it. This equipment is a combination of hydraulic cylinder, Hydraulic Power Pack and PLC Automation Our Other Products manufactured in bangalore involve: 1) Hydraulic Scissor Lift 2) Hydraulic Power Pack 3) Hydraulic Press 4) Hydraulic Block Tilter 5) Industrial and PLC Automation 6) Customizable Hydraulic equipments 7) Hydraulic Cylinder
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